Year in International Business, UK and Amsterdam!

Year in International Business, UK and Amsterdam!

Applications are now open for the Year in International Business in the academic year (2021/22).

The Year in International Business Programme is an exciting new opportunity for current undergraduate students who would like to study at our Amsterdam campus. This opportunity is open to all non-business students and is designed to overcome some of the barriers known to deter some students from a period of international study. The Year in International Business also offers students an innovative and employability-enhancing exposure to business theory and practice.

This is a one-year award for Northumbria students of a non-business background who have completed Level 5 of their undergraduate studies and who are seeking to complement their degree and experiences with a year of business-related study. The one-year will involve a semester of taught study in Newcastle, followed by one semester in Amsterdam where a real-world, international experience is offered through a Group Business Consultancy Project.

The award made to these students on completion of their Northumbria studies will be BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons) X with Year in International Business.


 Semester 1 (Newcastle Campus)  Managing People at Work

(20 credits)

Global Business Environment

(20 credits)

Financial Decision Making

(20 credits)

 Semester 2 (Northumbria Amsterdam Campus) Group Business Consultancy Project

(40 credits)

 Digital Business

(20 credits)

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