PG Diploma in Strategic Management from University of Derby

This PG Diploma offers a strong foundation in the formulation and execution of business strategies in a global context, helping you to shape and lead innovative and entrepreneurial strategies for organizational success and strengthening your career as a manager or leader.

Accredited by ILM, this contemporary Strategic Management programme is suited to those with strategic responsibility or who are becoming involved with organisational strategy. It is relevant to any profession and all sectors around the world.

The PG Diploma Strategic Management programme has been designed with input from successful business professionals to address the strategic needs of global organisations through small and medium enterprises. It aims to prepare you to be a key player in your organisation’s success.

The programme will provide an advanced understanding of key strategic business disciplines through practical application and leading-edge theory. Learning will be enriched with real-life case studies and guest speakers from the industry.

The PG Diploma award is achieved by completing six 20 credit modules total of 120 credits (five core and one of the five optional modules).

Core Modules:

  1. Strategy Formulation, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship – 20 Credits
  2. Strategic Execution, Management, and Leadership – 20 Credits
  3. International Business Strategies – 20 Credits
  4. Career Coaching and Mentoring – 0 Credits
  5. Transforming Personal Skills – 0 Credits

Optional Modules:

  1. Sustainable Business Management – 20 Credits
  2. Financial Dimensions of Strategic Decisions – 20 Credits
  3. Innovation in Marketing – 20 Credits
  4. Strategic Talent Development – 20 Credits
  5. Strategic Risk Management – 20 Credits

Modules within this course will be delivered by expert academics who are practicing professionals too. This ensures that module content remains up-to-date and highly relevant and brings through pertinent examples from the business world which are current and topical.

Delivered entirely online through our user-friendly student portal dashboard and intuitive digital learning environment, you will interact with your tutors and fellow students and through a mix of virtual live classrooms, tutorials, and guest lectures. Group discussions and debates are held through forums and community spaces and the use of collaborative tools such as wikis for group projects and assignments. Digital texts, ebooks, journals, databases, and more are available electronically via Derby library.

For the University of Derby Online Learning PG Diploma program cost, you can contact us on 9754 9427 / 6994 7478

You will gain a fundamental understanding of how to plan, formulate and execute strategy through innovative and entrepreneurial approaches. Core and optional modules will cover areas such as internationalization, corporate sustainability, human capital and talent management, accounting and finance, marketing, and risk management. All highly applicable to the global business environment, today and tomorrow.

A robust strategy, implemented well and managed effectively, enables organizations to operate competitively and to thrive in an ever-changing, increasingly challenging business landscape. The success of a strategy’s execution depends largely on the talent and capability of its leadership. Without these, even the sharpest of strategies won’t yield the desired outcomes.

You will benefit from:

  1. A globally recognized ILM professional qualification, demonstrating the application of leadership and management skills. This is achieved through the completion of the University program with no additional work required.
  2. Further recognition through an innovative and shareable Digital Credential – a dual-branded (University of Derby and ILM) digital badge which tags your skills achievement and links out to career opportunities and employers.
  3. Free Student membership (20 months) to the Institute of Leadership and Management giving you access to a host of high-quality resources to enhance your studies, your personal development, and your professional career.