How an MBBS degree from Georgia is globally recognised…

How an MBBS degree from Georgia is globally recognised…

While finishing my class X from Delhi Public School, Greater Noida, I spent most of my time researching the countries that would offer me an advanced course but would not pinch my pocket. My friends recommended Georgia (which was once a part of the USSR) for obtaining a medical degree since it has traditionally been an educational hub for Indian students.

Admission to any medical university in Europe and Russia is through NEET and marks obtained in Biology and Chemistry in class XII. It is better to take up education in European nations instead of USA, as one saves on time and money. In the US, an aspirant needs to devote three additional years to finish the BSc (pre-med) course before starting the MBBS program.

Prior to enrolling in any foreign varsity, one must check the background and credibility of the institute. Also, the candidate must find out if the degree offered by the university or institute is recognized in India. Checking with the Medical Council of India (MCI) to know if the university a student is planning to enrol in is in their list of recognised universities will help.

Medical studies in the UK and USA are hailed as the world’s best. But, one needs to have deep pockets to fund it. An average varsity in these nations will cost nearly Rs 2 crore. I took admission to David Trillian Medical University, Georgia, as the course offered here is based on the US pattern. Since I plan to do a master’s in the US, my current bachelor’s program prepares me to take United States Medical Licensing Exam (USLME) step 1.

People in Georgia are welcoming, so it is easy to adjust here. Although the sub-zero weather in the country can occasionally get ruthless, the grind of medical education will hardly make a student bother about the weather.

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